DC130 Micro piggyback build

If you really want to feel the advantages of a micro quad then this super light build may be for you. It’s perfect for indoor or park flying and whilst it doesn’t feature a full size HS camera or VTX it does weigh in at a tiny 134g!

This is a tight build but seriously agile and powerful for it’s size. For this build we’ve used the pico plate underneath the piggyback plate to sandwich the camera and keep it in place with velcro tape.

The Micro PDB and FC fit perfectly underneath the piggyback plate. This is the perfect build for indoor events and garden flying.


  • DC130 3mm base plate
  • 1.5mm Pico plate
  • 1.5mm piggyback plate
  • 22mm Nylon standoffs
  • Flip 32 Micro FC
  • Matek Micro PDB
  • Eachine EF-01 Camera and 25mw raceband VTX
  • 20A Littlebee ESCs
  • Emax RS1306 4000KV motors
  • DSMX Satellite Receiver
  • Kingkong 3030×2 props

Build weight – 134g

We recommend the Nano-Tech 450mah 3S 45-90C battery for this build.