The Atto X113. You’ve never seen a micro quad quite like this before.

This tiny monster has all the feel of a much larger quad and can be built as an indoor whoop or a miniature racer depending on your choice of components.

Designed specifically around the Runcam Swift Mini CCD camera and 20x20mm mounting components this is a true pocket quad with enough power to hold it’s own against 4″ and even 5″ quads on the track.

Atto X113 frame-11

3mm top and bottom plates make this one tough little frame that can take a beating but thanks to the full titanium bolt set it weighs just 30g. Build it with 1104 motors and a 500mah 3S and it feels like a powerful whoop with little inertia and the ‘on rails’ feeling you get from a true micro build. Choose 1407 motors and 4S power and it transforms into a real racing and acro quad with enough mass to ‘hang’ like the big boys

The X113 requires arm mounted ESCS and will easily fit modern smaller ESCS such as the Emax bullet 20A or Gemfan Maverick 24A.

Like all Atto frames the X113 comes with Titanium frame bolts, colour matched alloy prop nuts, XT  battery connector and carbon prop spanner.Atto X113 frame-20

X113 kit includes:

  • 3mm X113 base plate
  • 3mm Swift stack top plate
  • Alloy standoff kit
  • Titanium M3 bolts
  • Alloy M5 motor nuts
  • XT-30 connector
  • M5 Spanner / keyring

The X113 is a tiny quad with a difference. Despite the CCD camera and a massive power to weight ratio it feels great to fly something so small. Gaps become bigger. New lines open up and new obstacles are suddenly flyable. This little thing is always our go-to quad in a new spot. It’s perfect for exploring, cruising around or just ripping it.

Bare frame weight with titanium bolts, alloy standoffs – 30g

Build shown with 1306 motors, 24A ESCS, swift mini – 132g