The X210 conversion kit turns any ZMR 250 compatible arm set into an agile X configuration quad that can be built with any of the Atto top plates. The X210 is also available as a complete frame kit with arms from selected retailers.

Atto X210 Frame-4Two 1.5mm base plates hold the arms securely allowing you to build your quad using the same build as our 3″ and 4″ frames with the Pico, Nano or Micro top plate.

If you break an arm simply remove the bottom plate to replace it. Works with any thickness of ZMR 250 compatible arms*. Perfect for those looking to upgrade from a  ZMR or similar clone setup. No arms are included in the kit leaving you to choose the 3mm or 4mm arms of your choice from the many variations readily available.

X210 kit includes:

  • 1.5mm base plate
  • 1.5mm bottom plate
  • 1.5mm Nano plate
  • 3mm Micro plate
  • 3mm Piggyback plate
  • 40mm alloy standoffs
  • 10mm Alloy piggyback standoffs
  • Titanium bolts
  • Alloy FC bolts
  • Alloy FC spacers
  • Printed arm spacer
  • Alloy M5 motor nuts
  • XT-60 connector
  • M5 spanner/Keyring 

Atto X210 Frame-13

*Arms pictured are the 3K F1 4mm arms by MRS. Full kit with arms is available.

Frame as pictured, 3mm F1 arm, 35mm standoffs, titanium bolts, steel arm bolts, 1.5mm Nano plate  – 93g

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