Nano top plate

nano-plate-1The Nano top plate fits all standard and micro flight controllers and offers camera protection whilst still allowing a crazy amount of tilt for your HS1177.

The Nano plate adds an SMA mounting hole in the centre and does not interfere with the props so can be run at any height.

The Nano plate mounts using the two front mounts for camera protection plus one at the rear using either nylon or alloy standoffs. It may also be mounted using any of the 20mm FC mounts or the front 30.5mm FC mounts,

A small VTX will allow an antenna to run directly out of the rear of the quad to be zip tied at the rear with 35mm standoffs. Larger VTX’s can be mounted the same way with 40mm standoffs.

The 1.5mm Nano plate is not recommended for use with the session mount. For HD camera mounting please use the 3mm Nano or Micro plate.