Pico top plate


The pico top plate is specifically for 20x20mm flight controllers, arm mounted ESCs and micro CMOS cameras. It’s designed for specialist builds with specific equipment and is therefore not included in the standard kits.

This is the lightest combo we offer for the DC130 and DC165 frames and is designed specifically for the Pico BLX FC and VTX using the front mounts of a 20x20mm as the frame support as well as a custom micro camera mount.

Paired with 1104 motors you can achieve a sub 100g craft and paired with 1306’s it can be a 4S powered weapon.

The two front mounts support a 3D printed micro camera mount (available separately) using M2 screws.

A lightweight or direct soldered antenna is recommended for this build.


30.5 spacers shown for example spacing. 20x20mm stack requires arm mounted ESCS