Session / HD camera mount

The session mount is something we’re really proud of. A simple and elegant solution that secures your HD camera at the correct angle and can be hot-swapped, complete with it’s top plate onto the Atto DC130, DC165 and X210 frames. The mount holds an HD camera with a tilt of 35° when mounted forwards or 55° when mounted backwards.

By using the 20x20mm mount holes in the Atto top plates and 5mm alloy spacers, the session mount fits perfectly against the plate and distributes the weight along a large surface area for strength. There are two positions available depending on the camera in use and the weight distribution required.

With 30mm standoffs and titanium bolts supplied this 3mm mount is solid and weighs in at 31g with mounting hardware. That’s a little heavier than a TPU alternative but the added security and reduced hassle is worth it.

No more attaching and cutting of cable ties when you want to move your go pro from quad to quad. Just remove the top plate from your DC165, put it onto your X210 or DC130 and go!

Session mount kit includes:

  • 3mm session mount base
  • 2 x 3mm session mount sides 
  • 30mm alloy standoffs
  • 5mm alloy standoffs
  • titanium bolt set

Session mount weight – 31g with titanium hardware