X210 4mm build

Building on the Atto ethos of versatile quads, this X210 uses 4mm F1 ZMR 250 arms for an X configuration quad with perfect weight distribution. You can add any ZMR 250 compatible arms or just use the kit to upgrade your existing ZMR or clone.

Instead of the usual building from the base up, the FC stack is attached to the top plate instead. This configuration allows you to remove the entire setup from the base to quickly replace an arm without disrupting your electrics. It also removes the need to use mounting screws through the base plate which allows a better clamping force on the arms without using the arm spacer.

On this build the Antenna is attached horizontally to the top plate for strength but using a 90° or pigtail VTX it can be mounted through either of the SMA mounts at the rear. Using the method shown here takes the pressure off the SMA connector and moves it to the antenna itself in a crash.

This configuration works great on stock Betaflight PIDS. It was build and flown for testing and hasn’t put a foot wrong since.


  • X210 base plate
  • X210 bottom plate
  • 3mm micro top plate
  • 35mm standoffs
  • Naze Rev5 FC
  • Matek PDB
  • 20A Littlebee ESCs
  • T-Motor F40 V2 2300KV motors
  • HS1170 Camera
  • Eachine ET25R VTX
  • Aomway CPL antenna
  • DSMX Satellite Receiver
  • 5v Buzzer
  • HQ Durable 5045×3 props

Build weight – 340g

We recommend the Acehe 1500mah 4S 75C battery for this build.