BrainFPV – The perfect Flight controller for your Atto quad.

We’ve been following the progress of BrainFPV for a while now here at Atto central. They’re a small outfit from Boston U.S. producing the top quality RE1 F4 flight controller and accompanying PDB, the MPBV2.

The RE1 is an F4 flight controller with built in custom OSD which plugs directly into the matching MPBV2 on pins to connect to the on board current and voltage sensors. The PDB is rated for 6S and 130A with 4 layers of 40z copper. It’s a beast. The PDB also features LC filtered battery voltage, 5V and switchable 5V/10v pins for powering your FVP system and receivers.

Oh and for all you racers, did I mention the in-built TWIN iLaps transponders that can be programmed via CLI or OSD? It’s magic.

Also available is a top mounted barometer for measuring altitude which plugs in via an expansion port in the FC. This port promises more options for the future to add to the BrainFPV stacking system.

We got chatting to Jenni and Martin from BrainFPV about their future products and how to evolve them for the quad racing market and we’re very excited about a collaboration with Atto that’s just around the corner.

In the mean time we’re going to leave you with this. The RE1 in action on board the Atto X210 at the BDMAC FPV race last weekend. Check out just how smooth this rig is running stock betaflight PIDS on the RE1. 8k/8k Dshot 600 and Gemfan Maverick 24A ESCS. BrainFPV Atto Build-28

AttoFPV came through 5 rounds qualifying 1st going into the finals with the fastest lap of the day and went on to take the win after a scary start in the final.

Check the build log for this quad here and Subscribe for news on the next big little thing from BrainFPV and Atto.


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