Atto frames offer a whole lot of options when it comes to building your new quad. If you’re not sure about something and it’s not listed here just head over to our contact page and let us know.

What parts are included in the kit?

You get a base plate, two top plates, piggyback plate, FC adapter plate, standoffs, titanium bolts, alloy FC hardware, alloy motor nuts, battery connector, strap and spanner keyring. Some kits contain even more than this but this is the bare minimum. We want to make sure we have all the bases covered when it comes to the lightest build possible.

Do I need to sand the parts when they arrive?

No. All the parts are pre sanded during  production. You should find nothing but smooth edges on our carbon.

Do you ship to my country?

We are based in the UK but ship worldwide. Atto are currently available through i-Drone.co.uk who have excellent shipping rates and delivery times.

Do you sell ‘Ready To Fly’ kits?

We don’t offer pre-built quads but we do have full build kits available. With these you can get everything you need to put your working quad together. If you do require a custom build we can recommend some highly skilled and trusted builders and we can work with them to get your full kit put together for you. Get in touch for details.

What batteries should I buy?

We are not endorsed or supported by any battery manufacturers but we’ll tell you what we run and leave you to make your own judgement. The best we’ve tested so far have been the Acehe 75C 3S and 4S range. For 3″ quads the 850mah 3 or 4S is our choice, for the 4 and 5″ quads the 1300-1500mah range is just perfect. Atto quads are designed to carry the battery slung underneath the base plate so a tough battery is a bonus and these just perform so well we haven’t come across a better option. For really micro builds a smaller pack might be required. We use the Turnigy Nanotech 450mah 45-90C packs on our micro build and they run great and weigh only 39g with an XT-30.

I received a tiny carbon spanner with my frame, can I really use it for tightening props?

The short answer is yes. The spanner was designed to throw on your keyring so you always have a handy tool when you break a prop. These were designed with 3 and 4″ props with opposite threaded self locking nuts in mind. If you have to swing on it or you’ve overtightened your 3D props you’re going to have a bad time.

I’ve got bits left over from my build. Have I done something wrong?

No. The kits include everything you need to build your Atto quad in a variety of ways. If you don’t need to use everything consider them as spares or bits for a future build. You may change your setup in the future and find that spare plate comes in handy. We know everyone builds a little differently so we’ve covered all the bases. One great feature of having two top plates is you can use one for the optional Session mount and make it easier to swap between race and Gopro configurations.

Your hardware kits are awesome. Are they available separately?

We have replacement hardware kits and separate alloy / titanium kits on the way. Watch this space or send us a message with what you need.

I think putting a Gopro on a 130 is stupid and I’d like to shout about it on the internet!

Go ahead! Our 3″ Gopro build causes controversy wherever it goes but we’re all about diversity and if there’s something you don’t like feel free to let us know. It’s not to everyone’s taste but what’s great about out frames is you can build them however you like. If you want to build a 5S 3″ monster and stack it with HD goodness we’re all for it.