All about Atto

Atto was formed with a very specific vision, to create racing quad frames that do everything they’re supposed to do and nothing that they’re not.

Every curve and cut-out is there for a reason and that reason is to go fast and have fun.

We love flying quads of all sizes from 5 and 6″ monsters to tiny 3″ nippers but we got tired of having to buy completely different setups for each prop size. We wanted to design a range of quads that could be built exactly the same on any scale so that’s exactly what we did. Atto frames use a unique set of top plates that work with all prop sizes and are interchangeable between frame sizes. Choose your components, choose the frame layout that suits you best and then run the same setup on every prop size. Simple.

We use the finest multi-directional carbon fibre and lightweight titanium hardware to create frames that can be configured to run full size electronics or use the new wave of micro sized components.

The interchangeable top plates allow you to build your quad your way. Whether you’re looking for a super-light setup to fly indoors or a screaming monster to rip up the track, we’ve got you covered.