3BHobby 2207 Pro II – 1900kv

3Bhobby have released the latest version of their already excellent motors for 5-7″ quads. They’ve listened to pilot feedback and the Pro II is a significant step up from the previous versions.

With 1900kv and 2700kv options they will suit a variety of setups. Typically the 1900kv will be used on 5″ 6S quads while the 2700kv will suit 4S 5″ 4S. With that said there’s nothing stopping you using the 1900kv on 5S 6″ or 4S 7″. They perform well on any of those combinations.

The motors are silky smooth in the hand with no bearing movement and a solid feel. They are packaged with 6 x M3x8 bolts and 2 M5 Motor nuts.

There’s plenty of updates for this version, lets have a look:

  • All new bell design is stronger all round, a little taller and slightly heavier.
  • Motor base is larger and stronger, reducing the chance of bending against the frame under impact.
  • New patented ‘Wave Washer’ – This sits under the upper bearing and promises smoother running, lower temperatures and greater impact resistance. 3B are the first company to implement this technology so expect others to follow suit.
  • The Motor wires are now glued to the stator at the base. This reduced the chance of snapping motor wires in a motor-throwing crash, or at least moves the weak point further down the wires, hopefully allowing easier repairs.

At 1900kv these motors are on the high side for 6S with the equivalent RPM of a 2850kv on 4S. I recommend running these on a low pitch prop such as the Geman Windancer 5043 or Flash 5144 unless you have some really serious batteries and ESC’s.

Check out the pictures of these beautiful motors. Video to follow soon.


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