Atto frames are designed in the UK by FPV racing pilot Jon Hall (AttoFPV). We use the best multi weave carbon available to produce strong, lightweight frames that adapt to your personal style.

We offer five frames in sizes 130-258mm for 3-6 inch props.

Atto DC130 Frame-6

DC130   3″ prop

Atto 136-S frame-6

Quark Stretch 3″ Prop

Atto 136-R Frame-6

136-R  Deadcat  3″ prop

Atto DC165 Frame-9

DC165   Deadcat 4″ prop

Atto Photon Frame-21

Tired of cheap and flimsy hardware? We’ve got you covered. 

All Atto frames are supplied with stainless steel Torx M3 bolts and high quality 6/5mm tapered standoffs.  Torx bolts are far more secure than hex but just in case tat’s not your cup of tea, we supply every kit with steel M3 hex bots as well so you can choose. Titanium upgrade kits are available separately for those of you who want the ultimate lightweight setup.

Haven’t decided on your components yet? Not a problem.

We know that build plans can change. Most Atto frames support both 20mm and 30.5mm flight controllers plus an mini or micro camera. The frames are built for versatility and utilise interchangeable top plates so you can build your quad your way.

Each frame kit contains multiple top plates  offering a range of different build options. Included in the kit are all the bolts, standoffs and spacers you might need for the lightest possible build.

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The 136-R is a pure 3mm racing frame designed for 3″ props. No compromise is made here. It’s lightweight and ready to win. All components are stacked with the FC to keep the mass central with room to mount an HS camera up front. The VTX antenna is designed to be centrally mounted and attached to … Continue reading 136-R


The DC130 is our smallest frame designed for 3″ props and it is tiny but tough. The 3mm dead cat configuration frame moves the yaw point forward for precision turns and can be built with a choice of top plates to accommodate full size or micro components. This frame offers more camera protection than the 136-R … Continue reading DC130


The DC165 is a 3mm race and acro frame designed for 4″ props with the same great flight characteristics as it’s smaller brothers. The longer body can take full advantage of the Micro top plate to allow more  mounting options including a pigtail VTX mount. We found that due to it’s size and strength, 3mm plate … Continue reading DC165

Photon 5-6″

True X or Stretched? Lightweight or super strong? Full size or micro? What if one frame could do it all without compromises? Introducing the Atto Photon. A unique frame with a split personalty. The Photon can be built as a 218mm X frame for 5-5.5” props or a 258mm stretched X for 5-6” props. Options … Continue reading Photon 5-6″