The 136-R is a pure 3mm racing frame designed for 3″ props. No compromise is made here. It’s lightweight and ready to win.

Atto 136-R Frame-2All components are stacked with the FC to keep the mass central with room to mount an HS camera up front.

The VTX antenna is designed to be centrally mounted and attached to the top plate by the stem, removing the danger of breaking your SMA connector. If you prefer a vertical antenna use the included pigtail plate with a 90° VTX or pigtail.

There’s room to mount small ESC’s on the arms with a full size flight controller or use a stacking 4in1 FC for an extra aerodynamic advantage.

Supplied with alloy standoffs and titanium hardware for the ultimate lightweight build the 136-R absolutely screams when paired with 20A ESCs and 3B 1408 motors.

If you’re looking for a hardcore micro race frame this is it.

136-R kit includes:

  • 3mm 136-R frame
  • 1.5mm Race plate
  • 3mm Pigtail/SMA plate 
  • 30.5 – 20mm adapter plate
  • 3mm Motor risers/arm protectors
  • Alloy standoff kit
  • Titanium M3 bolts
  • Alloy M5 motor nuts
  • XT-30 connector
  • M5 Spanner / keyring


Bare frame weight with 1.5mm Race top plate, nylon hardware – 29.2g

Bare frame weight with 3mm pigtail plate, nylon standoffs, titanium bolts – 34.1g

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