The DC165 is a 3mm race and acro frame designed for 4″ props with the same great flight characteristics as it’s smaller brothers.

Atto DC165 Frame-1The longer body can take full advantage of the Micro top plate to allow more  mounting options including a pigtail VTX mount.

We found that due to it’s size and strength, 3mm plate is thick enough for everything we can throw at the 165 so it weighs in at a tiny 50g with titanium hardware and the nano plate.

You can choose to build a lightweight cruiser with 1306 motors or a monster race quad with high kv 2205 motors and 30A ESCs. The arms are designed to offer motor protection where needed but maximise cooling air flow. 12mm and 19mm mounts are available.

The DC165 uses the same versatile top plates as the 3″ frames, supplied with 1.5mm plates. 3mm plates are available on request.

DC165 kit includes:

  • 3mm DC165 frame
  • 1.5mm Nano plate
  • 1.5mm Micro plate
  • 1.5mm Piggyback plate
  • 30.5 – 20mm adapter plate
  • 40mm alloy standoffs
  • 10mm alloy piggyback standoffs
  • Titanium M3 bolts
  • Alloy M3 FC bolts
  • Alloy FC spacers
  • Alloy M5 motor nuts
  • XT-60 connector
  • M5 spanner/Keyring


3mm frame weight with 1.5.mm Nano plate, 40mm alloy standoffs, Titanium bolts – 50.1g