X113 Tiny Terror

The Atto X113 is a fairly advanced but very satisfying build. Not because it’s complex, but because it’s a tight fit. If you use the recommended parts and plan your build carefully you’ll have an epic tiny monster on your hands. Atto X113 frame-20

Happily we’ve provided a complete list of what’s required to put this micro powerhouse together. There’s really only one way to stack to stack the components on this frame. Unlike previous Atto quads which offer a huge range of build options the X113 is purpose designed to use the 20x20mm mounting Piko F3 flight controller and matching VTX. Atto X113 frame-4-2


This leaves exactly enough space for the Runcam swift mini CCD camera which offers the same great picture quality found in larger quads but on a frame a quarter of the size of a standard 5″ setup. Atto X113 frame-19-2

Parts list:

  • Atto X113 frame kit
  • Furious Piko F3 flight controller
  • Furious Innova 25mw VTX
  • Uf/l dipole antenna
  • De-pinnned and de-cased DSMX receiver
  • 24A Gemfan Maverick ESC
  • Run cam Swift Mini camera
  • Emax RS1306 400kv motors
  • Racekraft 3x4x3 propellers

Build weight – 132gAtto X113 frame-17

Using the 20x20mm mount for the FC makes this a very neat quad to build. The FC features a 50A PDB that feeds power to your ESCS and the VTX is connected by 5 wires that power the unit and provide info to the build in OSD.

The VTX features two three pin plugs, one for your camera and one for RGB LED power and control. Full PID tuning and control of the video band and channel are all done via stick controls on your display as well as providing real time battery voltage and other useful information. It’s a fully functional racer that defies expectations wherever it goes.

It’s the future.