What’s around the corner? Big little plans.

Atto quads are out there. FPV pilots around the world are building and flying Atto frames but we’re still busy trying out new designs and ideas to build the lightest and most versatile racing drones we can.

So what’s in the works?

So far Atto frames have been designed to accept all sizes of flight controller, ESCS’s and fpv gear allowing a huge range of setups and combinations of gear. Our new additions to the range are based around more specific micro components such as a 20x20mm stack and integrated VTX while still allowing a top quality CCD camera such as the Runcam Swift mini to be used.

First off is a completely new stretched X for 3″ props. This 136mm frame has the left and right motors equally spaced but is longer front to back. This configuration is favoured by many racers running 5″ props so we’ve designed a miniature frame that’s going to rip up the track. Don’t worry though we’re still giving you plenty of options in the build. The 136-S features two choices of top plates to accommodate a variety of build styles. As always, all the parts you need to build each configuration are included along with a full alloy and titanium bolt set.

Next is the X113. This tiny true X frame is only 113mm from corner to corner. We think it’s the smallest frame designed for CCD. It’s so small that it can literally fit in a pocket and at 130g it looks so cute… until you fire up the RS1306 motors on a 4S battery and watch it disappear. Look out for this one, it’s going to be a popular choice.

Last comes a whole new direction for Atto. The 2″ TR-87. One of the reasons we started Atto was because smaller quads were under-powered and undervalued. We wanted racing setups that were light and strong enough to keep up with the 5″ competition so that’s what we built.

I’ve never been a fan of the tiny whoop. The lack of mass means there’s no ‘throw’, no hangtime. Because it’s so light and runs tiny 1S or 2S batteries it can’t really do much more than navigate around. It’s not the same fpv racing experience. What we want is proper tiny acro quad. The aim of our 2″ quad the ‘Tiny Riot’ is to change the game. Instead of a toy, we’ve built a real micro racer that’s 87mm motor to motor and still runs that all important CCD camera. There’s no 1S for us. We’re thinking 3S power should do the trick.

We’ll be testing in limited numbers so if you’ve made it this far and would like to get your hands on one of our prototype frames get in touch and keep an eye on the site for new releases.

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