New Atto 3″ X and stretched-X FPV quad frames.

When Atto was created we wanted to make 3″ frames that anyone could build, fly and enjoy using any size of electronics. Since then quality cameras and components have become smaller and more powerful and we’re thrilled to announce our new line of micro specific racing quad frames.

Can’t wait? Click here to preorder your awesome new Atto frame

Introducing the Atto 136-S…Atto 136-S frame-9

And the Atto X113Atto X113 frame-20

Both frames feature a standoff width of just 20mm to accommodate micro FC’s such as the furious Piko as a stackable VTX and Runcam swift mini CCD camera.

These tiny electronics mean we’re able to squeeze a lot of power into an even smaller and more aerodynamic frame to give you the edge on the track and for some of you, that all important sub 250g build.

All frame kits include a titanium bolts set and high quality standoffs as well as lightweight alloy prop nuts, an XT-30 connector and a carbon prop spanner.

If you’re looking for the next big little thing in FPV racing. This is it. Click to preorder your Atto frame at 

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